5 Best Jump Ropes for CrossFit Double Unders (2022)

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How to Pick Your Rope

In my 20+ years as a jump rope competitor and coach I've worked with thousands of athletes looking to improve their skill with double unders. I get asked all the time for my recommendation on jump ropes. These are the jump ropes I bring to my double under clinics and recommend based on skill level (and price).

Updated 7.13.22

Recommendation Model Skill Level Price 
Best Overall Surge 3.0 Intermediate & Advanced $44.99
Best for Competitive Athletes (fastest) Bullet COMP Expert $59.99
Best on a Budget Spark Beginner & Intermediate $19.99
Best for Newbies Fit+ Cable Freestyle Beginner $19.99
Best for Budget Conscious Pros Ignite Advanced $21.99


Guidelines for Speed Ropes

Before I get into particular jump rope recommendations, here are a few guidelines you should weigh heavily when picking a double under speed rope.

  • Light weight is good: As you progress in skill you start to notice the limiting factor in completing long sets of double unders isn't your leg stamina, it's the burn you feel in your forearms and hands. That's why a light weight handle is important: the lighter the weight, the more reps you can complete before failure.
  • Use steel cable: The best speed ropes feature coiled stainless steel cables that are either bare or coated in nylon. Steel cables aren't as durable as PVC, leather or beaded ropes, but they are much faster.
  • Easy resizing: If you're just starting out with double unders, you'll constantly tweak the length of your rope (typically shortening) as your skill improves. You will also wear through cables the more you jump. It's nice to have handles that make cable replacement and size adjustments quick and easy.
  • Durability: You want a rope you can throw on the ground, or in your gym bag, without risk of it breaking. The biggest difference I see between all the jump ropes on the market now is durability. Look for high quality steel ball bearings and unbreakable plastics. Beware ball bearing ropes that cost less than $20.

Surge 3.0®

Best Overall: The Surge 3.0 is the rope I recommend for most people doing CrossFit. Precision machined dual ball bearing handles make it incredibly fast and smooth. Designed for durability with stainless steel ball bearings so you can toss on the gym floor or get wet without worry. The head of the rope accepts cables of multiple thicknesses, allowing you to start training with thicker more beginner friendly cords and moving your way up to the fastest ultra thin cables. Cable sizing adjustments and replacement is very quick and easy. The head of the handles tighten down onto the cable, removing the need for adjustable screws. Consider purchasing as part of a CrossFit Training Kit, which includes multiple types of cables for learning and practicing.


  • Handle weight: 1oz (each)
  • Handle Length: 5"
  • Construction: Machine cut aluminum handles with a foam grip. Stainless steel dual ball bearings. Nylon coated USA-made steel cable.

Price: $44.99 - website

Bullet COMP®

Best for Competitive Athletes: The precision machined Bullet COMP is, for most people, faster than necessary. I recommend this rope for highly skilled athletes looking for that extra competitive edge. Give the handle a flick with your fingers and it will free spin for more than a minute. The speed of the rope means a lower jump height if you can time it correctly. Also features a toolless resizing head, which allows for ultra quick and easy cable replacement and sizing. This rope is most often used by competitive speed jumpers, and was recently used at the US jump rope championships to set speed and double under records.


  • Handle weight: 1oz (each)
  • Handle Length: 5.5"
  • Construction: Anodized aluminum handles. Stainless steel dual ball bearings.
  • Nylon coated USA-made steel cable.

Price: $59.99 - website


Best on a Budget : The Spark features ultra light (0.6oz), unbreakable plastic polymer handles and a smooth plastic dowel instead of ball bearings like other ropes on this list. Handles attach to the rope at a 90-degree angle to prevent breakage and kinking with the high, repeated torque of double unders. A simple, proven design (commonly seen in speed jumping and CrossFit games competitions) that works well for most CrossFitters.


  • Handle weight: 0.6oz (each)
  • Handle length: 5.35"
  • Construction: Unbreakable polymer plastic handles with dimpled grip and smooth plastic dowel. Nylon coated USA-made steel cable

Price: $19.99 - website

Fit+ Cable Freestyle

Best for Newbies: The Fit+ Cable Freestyle Rope features a special 3.2mm cable that is slower, more flexible and more forgiving than standard speed cables. I've found the longer 8" handle is more comfortable for most beginners. A great choice for beginners trying to practice and improve double unders.


  • Handle weight: 1oz (each)
  • Handle length: 8"
  • Construction: Unbreakable polymer plastic handles with grip tape (like on tennis rackets). Kink resistant PVC coated USA-made steel cable.

Price: $19.99 - website


Best for Budget Conscious Pros: The Ignite is essentially the same as the Spark with one key difference: a lightning fast bare steel cable instead of a nylon coated cable. This thinner cable cuts through the air with ease and allows for faster double unders for skilled jumpers. The one downside is bare steel cables wear out much more quickly than nylon coated.


  • Handle weight: 0.6oz (each)
  • Handle length: 5.35"
  • Construction: Unbreakable polymer plastic handles with dimpled grip and smooth plastic dowel. Kink resistant stainless steel USA-made steel cable.

Price: $21.99 - website

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About the Author

Matt Hopkins is a former competitive speed jumper and jump rope coach. Matt has won numerous national championships in speed jumping, and his athletes have won several national speed and freestyle titles and have broken world and national speed records. He also taught middle and elementary school PE in Leavenworth WA for 23 years.

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