2022 Best Jump Ropes

2022 Best Jump Ropes

Why Buy a Jump Rope?

If you're new to jumping rope, we know the endless selection can be overwhelming. We wrote this article as a "jump rope buyers guide" to help you weed through all the brands, styles of ropes and materials because a jump rope is one of the best pieces of physical fitness equipment you can own.

  • On the Go Fitness - Easily throw it into your gym bag, backpack or suitcase and be ready for a great workout wherever you are.
  • Low Cost - More affordable than a set of dumbbells, a jump rope is a great value addition to any personal workout equipment collection.
  • Better Cardio than Running - Believe it or not, a jump rope burns more calories than running, all while saving your knees. 

What to Consider When Buying a Jump Rope?

It's most important to purchase a jump rope that will best support the style of jumping you plan to do. Generally, there are three styles of jumping including general fitness, freestyle and speed or double unders.

  • General fitness jumping is the most common and basic style of jumping, involving simple movements with the goal of improving cardio.
  • Freestyle jumping has become wildly popular in the last 18 months and involves more complex movements, footwork and rope control. Think of it as gymnastics with a jump rope.
  • Speed and double under jumping are focused on light weight, fast footwork to get as many jumps in as possible in a short period of time. It is the most intense style of jumping and requires high performance ropes.

2022 Best Jump Ropes Chart

We took a look at four determining factors when selecting our list of top jump ropes for 2022. 

  1. Price - The cost of a jump rope matters. You want the best value on the market and we took that into consideration.
  2. Versatility - Want to jump freestyle and speed? Maybe mix in general fitness while you're at it? Ideally, you'll only need one rope to make it happen.
  3. Design and Style - While it's important to have a rope that works well, we know it's equally important to have a rope that looks good. After all, look good - feel good!
  4. Durability - A jump rope should be built to last and be trusted to not fail in the middle of a workout. 

The 2022 Winners

Best Overall: Surge 3.0 by Elite SRS

Surge 3.0 - Double Under Jump Rope

Price: $44.99

At only $44.99, the Surge 3.0, by Elite SRS, is one of the most affordable, premium jump ropes on the market. Designed as a versatile jump rope option, it comes standard with speed cables but can utilize a freestyle PVC cable as well for general fitness jumping. Bonus points for a foam grip, tapered handle and built-in adjustment tool in the base. This rope is the complete package.

Runner Up: Custom Beaded Jump Rope by BuyJumpRopes.net

Buy Jump Ropes Custom Beaded Jump Rope

Price: Starting at $22.00

The beaded jump rope is the king of versatility and provides the most value for general fitness and freestyle jumping. The BuyJumpRopes.net custom beaded jump rope let's you build your dream jump rope with 14 bead and handle color choices, 5 different handles, and 4 different bead types. At only $22, the price is excellent, and the handles and beads are unbreakable so you'll have it forever!


Best Weighted Jump Rope: Muay Thai 2.0 by Elite SRS

Price: $23.99 - $25.99

Most weighted jump ropes on the market add weight in the handles, however, the Muay Thai 2.0 by Elite SRS incorporates the weight into the cord. At approximately 1.5lbs, the weight of the cord gives your whole body a workout almost instantly. This rope is less versatile than some weighted ropes on the market but the quality of the ball bearings in the handle and durability of the PVC cord are hard to beat.

Runner Up: Velites 2.0 Earth

 Velites 2.0 Earth

Price: $146

More a jump rope "system", this bundle of gear gives you plenty of options to experiment with. Increase the intensity of your workout by adding weight to the handles or cord with the interchangeable design. At $146, this is definitely the most expensive jump rope on our list, but with all the added gear it's kind of like you're buying 10 ropes.


Best Speed Rope: Bullet COMP by Elite SRS

Price: $59.99

Built for the world's best speed jumpers, this rope packs a serious punch with dual ball bearings, tool-less adjustment, and nearly frictionless spin. While the price point isn't cheap, it certainly is reasonable for the tremendous quality of this rope. We've yet to find a faster, lighter rope on the market.

Runner Up: Comp4 by RPM

RPM Comp4

Price: Starts at $70

A functional fitness rope with a knurl grip, this rope is built for speed. Long, thin handles give plenty of space to grip and the included bare cable slices through the air for an effective double under experience.


Best General Fitness RopeRapid Fit by RX Smartgear

RX Smartgear Rapid Fit

Price: $54.99

While not truly a general fitness jump rope, the innovative design to easily adjust the length, pushed this one to the top. Known for their high quality ropes, RX Smartgear's Rapid Fit provides a unique jump rope for the fitness community. Thick, cushioned handles, solid cable and a reasonable price make this a great option.

Runner UpFit+ Freestyle by Elite SRS

Price: $14.99

A great general fitness rope option, the Fit+ by Elite SRS provides long handles with grip tape for added security, a 4mm string reinforced PVC cord, and unbreakable plastic. This is a truly versatile rope for jumping, providing great feedback and longevity.


Best Beaded Rope: Do Hard Things Rope by Elite SRS

Do Hard Things Jump Rope

Price: $17.99

The shatterproof beads and unbreakable handles gave this jump rope great points for durability at an unbeatable price. The slogan is inspiring and the simplicity is a great design. Opt for the black beaded version if you're worried about it getting dirty and scuffed though. 

Runner Up: Dope Ropes x Lauren Jumps Beaded Rope

Dope Ropes

Price: $26.99

With fun colorways and retro branding hearkening back to the 80s, Dope Ropes beaded ropes are a great option. Durable, well designed, and with a reasonable price point, Dope Ropes is a great jump rope brand to trust.

Honorable Mentions


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