Hey! Our company is growing and we’re looking for humble, hardworking people to help us "Do Hard Things." Sound fun? Then you probably fit with us. Here’s who we’re looking for right now:

To Apply: Send us your resume and cover letter at contact@elitesrs.com. Note: It’s helpful if you take a look at our core values below (which are important to us), and let us know how you are a good fit.

Our Mission & Values

Mission: We work every day to equip & encourage people (employees and customers) to do hard things that help them grow in character and capacity.

Values: We take our values seriously, hiring for people who are thoughtful and humble and who love to tinker and take ownership.

We are Thoughtful

We treat others with the same thought and care we hope to receive, and we look for opportunities to be an unexpected blessing.

We Strive to Be Humble

We seek and provide honest feedback. We value openness and curiosity, and we are willing to try new ideas and learn from others.

We Tinker

We recognize that we can get better. We see the gap between where we are and where we want to be. This gap isn't defeating, it's invigorating.

We Take Ownernship

We take initiative to make it better. We don't place blame on others. We all have areas of ownership and accountability within the business.

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