Are you ready to improve your jump rope skill or learn a new jump rope trick? Learn from these jump rope pros through detailed video tutorials. Give each of these a try and when you unlock them, be sure to tag us @elite_srs!

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Jump Rope Tricks

Side Swings (Southpaw) with


The Chicken with @jumprope_revival


Backwards Crougar with @devin_meek

The Caboose with @alysia.jumprope

Double Unders with @thebunnymethod


Speed Crosses with @celina.jumps


Awesome Annie with @jumpropejenn


360 Degree Double Under with @weflipent




Combo Tutorials

Boxer Step/Side Swing/Cross with @jump15_official


Double Under Side Cross with @thebunnymethod

Side Side Under with @jump15_official


Release Tutorials

The Tiger Tail with @jumpropejenn


Mic Release with @bossyan_jump


Switch Cross Floater with @weflipent




Wrap Tutorials

The Wrist Wrap with @jumprope_revival


 The Cross Catch with @jumprope_revival


Footwork Tutorials

Polly Pocket with @jumpropejenn


Motorcycle Shuffle with @apinyajumps


Running Man with @celina.jumps


Side Kick Cross with @apinyajumps


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