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Beginner Progression Jump Rope Bundle

Beginner Progression Jump Rope Bundle

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Are you making a commitment to jump rope, but not sure which rope is right or how fast you will progress?

This progression bundle includes our recommended beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness ropes for learning how to jump rope and progressing to more challenging workouts.


- All ropes come at 10ft and will work for anyone up to 6' 4" tall.
- Handles and beads are made with our indestructible plastic and are built to last.
- Handles are USA made

What's Included with Product

- 1" BEADED JUMP ROPE: At 3oz, this is our recommended "starter" rope. Not too heavy, but the beads slow the rope down and offer a "click click" for developing rhythm. Also good for freestyle movements as you progress.
- 6mm PVC JUMP ROPE: At 5oz, our 6mm PVC rope offers a bit more weight and resistance while also being a "faster" rope, providing great feedback for double unders practice.
- HEAVY BEADED JUMP ROPE: At 6.5oz, this is a heavier jump rope with thick beads that offer both weight and spin (wind) resistance. This rope is more difficult to spin, making for a more robust workout, while the 8" long handles allow you to experiment with more difficult freestyle movements.
- JUMP ROPE MAT (OPTIONAL): We highly recommend using a jump rope mat when you jump to protect your joints. Our 48" x 36" standard mat helps reduce impact on joints, while also extending the life of your jump ropes. Easy to clean and roll up and store. Use indoors or outdoors.

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Start Your Jump Rope Journey

Three ropes at different weights for practicing rhythm and jump rope skills.

Protect Your Knees & Jump Ropes

Add a jump rope mat to cushion the impact on your joints and extend the life of your ropes.

Elite Durability

Take the 6mm rope anywhere. Unique PVC with string core is durable for outdoor workouts on rough surfaces or in the cold.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
These aren't your mother's jump ropes

You won’t be seeing these on the playground anytime soon. These ropes are for serious jumpers only. I used to be known as the Double Dutch king in my neighborhood and even the middle weight rope gave me a challenge. For a quick intense workout these get the job done. The one con is the price for three ropes seems steep.

Brenda Cowan (Gypsum, CO, US)
I just got it two weeks ago but so far, it's a great starter set.

I was going to get just one rope but after some consideration, I decided to go with the starter set because I wanted the mat, too. I really glad I did because I never would have understood the difference in the ropes without trying them all. They're simple things, but really good quality. I would recommend.

Kristan S.
Great fitness cardio rope set

I'm hoping to develop some rhythm and coordination & burn calories with this jump rope set. Being able to increase my bone density is the ultimate goal with these by eventually getting a higher impact workout. For now the cardio exercise is what I'm hoping to routinely add to my fitness time.
The adjustable ropes & shatterproof beads make this a great jump set of high quality ropes for adults. Durable, well made, just as listing describes.

Works as expected and described

I love to jump rope. This is a good set and a great way for me to get some fun Cardio in while inside or outside. This set is a good value for the quality, items include, benefits, ease of use, durability and price.

Sazerac King
these I would put in the adult category over child-cheap ones

Its a serious set at this price. But it also only comes out to under 20 per. It makes a nice progression with some extra weight and beef for use after introduction.

The trimming process is straight forward if you need to shorten them. At 6'5 I have plenty of room and don't feel like I'm going to trip with a kiddie rope version. But we're not going to have to trim these at our height in this house.

As a novice, the weights on the ropes didn't seem like they'll do much of a difference, but I can definitely tell I'll spend more time with the lower two and have to work up to the full-on 6.5oz one. Its the repetition that's a thing and adds up.

Bought the kids a set of cheaper kid ones, but these I got for the wife and I. Happy with them.

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Do Hard Things™ Series

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Do Hard Things™ Series Series

Special edition jump ropes to equip and encourage you to do hard things.
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Jump smarter with a mat

We recommend using a jump rope mat to reduce impact on your joints and to extend the life of your jump rope, especially on hard outdoor surfaces.