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Cardio Builder Bundle

Cardio Builder Bundle

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Jump Rope Mat

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Jump rope is almost twice as effective as running for building your cardio. Develop your cardio, add variety to your workouts and and get a serious sweat with this builder bundle.

  • Boxer 3.0 Jump Rope is our recommended starting point for any jump rope cardio workout. This 5mm PVC jump rope is favored by boxers because of the smooth action of the handles and the "just right" thickness of the cord for cardio training. Use this for longer sessions. Comes at 10ft length. Easy to resize.
  • Heavy Muay Thai 2.0 is a big step up in resistance and difficulty. Spike your heart rate in shorter sets and sessions with this 1.5lb rope that offers a serious burn. Choose length.
  • Spark Speed Rope with our 3.2mm outdoor cable ads variety and speed to your workouts to get your heart rate pumping. This rope enables you to rotate the rope much more quickly because of the speed cable. Use it for speed jumping or double unders for a greater challenge. Comes at a 10ft length. Easy to resize down with cable cutters.
  • Jump Rope Mat (Optional) - We highly recommend using a jump rope mat when you jump to protect your joints. Our 48" x 36" standard mat helps reduce impact on joints, while also extending the life of your jump ropes. Easy to clean and roll up and store. Use indoors or outdoors. 

Resources for Jump Rope Cardio Training:

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Feel the Burn

Use the 1.5lb Muay Thai to spike your heart rate and get a serious workout.

Jump Faster

Work in double unders or speed skipping with the Spark Speed Rope for a twist on your cardio workout.

Train Like a Boxer

The Boxer 3.0 Rope is what the pros use to build their cardio, develop skill and build a rhythm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kylee N Noe
Exactly what I expected

My son needed jump ropes for training and this 3 pack is perfect for his different needs.

Bob K
Apparently not all jump ropes are the same....

I have run 5 miles a day, 5 days a week for about 30 years. I was looking to add something to my workout routine and possible add something I could do inside on days when the weather isn't so agreeable. I'd heard that jumping rope might be a good addition.

But it seems that all jump rope are not the same. And they're certainly not the same jump ropes we had as kids. These aren't toys and there seems to be a bit of science involved in all of the parts that make up a jump rope. Seeing that I'm just wanting to add a little more cardio to my current routine, I'm not sure I'm the right person to review these jump ropes... but I'll try.

I don't know why you would choose one rope over the others, or if the idea of having 3 in this set is because you should be using all 3 in a workout session. That would actually make sense.

As far as I can tell, I'm able to jump rope with all 3. There doesn't seem to be a skill level associated with certain ropes. Or maybe I'm just highly skilled (but didn't know it) and any rope will serve my purpose.

I'm roughly 5'8". The length of these ropes seems to be fine. I don't know if I should have been concerned about rope length when I ordered these. They do appear to be adjustable, but so far, I haven't felt like they're too long or too short. But I would suggest that if you know you have a length preference, you should be able to adjust these shorter... but not longer.

I expect the thinner ropes will travel well. They hardly take up any room. The thick rope does seem to be a bit beefier and will probably take up more room. And I don't know if TSA allows a jump rope in a carry on.

I am just starting to jump rope, so I'm not sure if I have any preferences yet. It certainly does seem to be as demanding as running... yet require considerably less space than a treadmill.

Please Read for 3 Star Explanation

EDIT: I appreciate very much that the company contacted ME based on my review and wanted to be sure I was made satisfied. They mailed me extra adjustable end pieces so that the speed rope will be as I expected. Their communication was kind and quick plus they mailed the pieces super fast. They make a solid product they stand by and they know how to provide great customer service. They may still include a small screwdriver and carrying bag in the future but...... 5 stars overall.......
The ropes are good quality material and are as described being one for speed (good for double unders), one for endurance, and the weighted one for more upper body strength. For these measurements alone 5 stars. The variety is nice giving multiple options in choosing a workout. The reason for the 3 stars comes from a few dissappointments. The first dissappointment was there is no carrying bag, only plastic throw away bag, and there were no instructions or welcoming other than a small card that leads you to go to their website which wasn't too helpful with my next complaint which is.... one end of the speed rope is not adjustable. This creates too much slack on the one end that does adjust. Also, when adjusting, it requires a small screwdriver which for the price and quality I would've expected one to be included. A carrying bag should have also been included and expected for the price. Fortunately I had a small screwdriver but the screw is tiny and I'm imagining not everyone does and they will not be able to adjust the rope length without it. The screw is easy to drop and there are no extra screws provided which also would've been a nice addition just in case the screw is dropped and lost which would be easy to do due to its small size. I wish I could give the ropes 5 stars. I know that I will use them and get a great workout no matter which rope I use and they seem durable for long lasting use possibly lifetime. My biggest complaint of my 3 complaints is the adjustment for length of the speed rope only being on one end. The other complaints- no bag, no screwdriver and no instructions are not far behind. 3 stars

Pretty nice

So far these are pretty nice. The mat is absolutely a no slide mat and pretty cushiony which def helps with impact, which is great. It's got different types of ropes for different levels, so that's also awesome. But I dunno if they're better than just one that's a bit cheaper. They do seem really good quality though, and like I said the mat that comes with it is super awesome.

DIane WUchich (Mansfield, OH, US)
Great Set

I really like the Cardio Builder Bundle because the ropes make my work out challenging. I love jumping rope and to enjoy it so much to get a good work out from it is a plus. I would recommend this set to anyone who likes this type of cardio workout.

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Jump smarter with a mat

We recommend using a jump rope mat to reduce impact on your joints and to extend the life of your jump rope, especially on hard outdoor surfaces.