Battle Rope Sizing Guide

Battle Rope Sizing Guide - Elite SRS

Battle ropes most commonly come in three lengths (30, 40 or 50 feet) and two thicknesses (1.5" and 2"). The size you should get depends on two main factors: your fitness goals, and the amount of space you have.

ThicknessBattle Rope grip handles example widths

  • Thick ropes carry more weight, while longer ropes allow for a more fluid motion.
  • Thicker ropes require bigger hands and greater grip strength.
  • If you're looking for high intensity, cardio blasting workouts, we recommend the 1.5" diameter battle rope. These ropes will allow you to go hard, maintain a solid grip, and will fit perfectly into a circuit training workout.
  • If it's muscles you’re after and you're prepared to perform a workout that feels more like a bench press than wind sprints the, 2.0" width battle rope is for you. These ropes are 35% larger than the 1.5" width ropes and require a larger hand and stronger grip to maintain control of the battle rope.

LengthHow Pick Battle Rope Length Sizing Guide

  • Shorter ropes aren’t as fluid, but they allow for smaller spaces. Because your rope will essentially be folded in half at an anchor point, you need a straight line that is half the length of your rope. For a 50' rope you'll need 25 feet of clear space.
  • The most common length is 50 feet, followed by 40' and 30' respectively. A 50' battle rope leaves you with 25' in each arm, which is a great length for creating momentum-filled waves for a smooth, low-impact workout.

We recommend: All things being equal, and if you’re unsure of which one to get, we recommend the 50 foot length and 1.5" width. The longer length will be the most fluid and versatile, and the 1.5” grip will be the easiest to hold and use.

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U should get 30ft 100%. As for the width depends on hand size a lot. 2 inch is for building more mass simply bc it’s heavier. The 1.5 will shred u up more and offers a much better cardio experince


I need to buy a Battle Rope for my house. Max 15 to 17 Feet space available. Please let me know the thickness, length and brand to buy


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