9 Killer Slackline Exercises to Add to Your Workout

9 Killer Slackline Exercises to Add to Your Workout - Elite SRS

Step on a slackline and you'll soon discover why slacklining has earned a reputation as a killer core workout ... you’ll use every stabilizing muscle you’ve got to balance on the wobbly 2-inch line, activating your entire core.

This is why we love integrating slacklining into our warmups and WODs. Here are 9 ways to use a slackline that activate all those core muscle groups.

Hanging Push Ups

Add a balance element to your pushups.

1-Legged Balance Squats

Build leg strength while improving your balance on the line. Hold it at the top for increased difficulty.

Slackline Plank

Adjust the tension of the line (more slack means more wobble) to increase the difficulty.

Slackline Dips

A traditional exercise with a twist.

Slackline Lunges

Slacklining has been embraced in CrossFit and fitness circles for the same reasons that gym rings are popular: the slackline becomes unstable when the human element is introduced. Combining a slackline with lunges adds a "stability" component to this traditional exercise.

Slackline Situps

Much like situps on a balance ball, this exercise requires that extra bit of core stability. Try to push the slackline away from you with your back while lifting your chest.

Side Plank

This one is hard. Trust us.

Assisted Pistol Squat

CrossFit is all about progression. Using the line behind you adds a little "bounce" to your pistols as you practice for the unassisted version.

Medicine Ball Balance

This one is more for pros who can already walk the line. Put the medicine ball above your head and balance on one leg or the other (or walk the line, if you're able). This will require you to keep your balance with the weight of the ball over your head.


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