About Us

We equip competitors with tools and encouragement for Doing Hard Things.

Why We Do It

At our core we are a group of people who love people. We are in business to have a lasting, positive impact on people. Otherwise entrepreneurship would be less meaningful ... and a lot less fun.

We also love competition. We were started as a jump rope company by our founder Matt Hopkins, a jump rope competitor and coach with numerous world championships to his name (see him in the picture below coaching double unders to one of our athletes). 

Jump rope is Matt’s passion, and he developed all the jump ropes you’ll find in our catalog. As his business grew he hired a bunch of people who love competition and doing hard things. Rugby. Rock climbing. Mountaineering. Skiing. Double unders. Entrepreneurship. Spike Ball. (Especially Spike Ball … we play A LOT of Spike Ball).

One day we realized we aren’t just a jump rope company. We are a “do hard things” company. And we live out our mission by developing equipment for doing hard things. Because we believe people who do hard things live with more confidence, boldness, happiness and pride.

What It Looks Like

Nuts & Bolts

Our warehouse and offices are located in Wenatchee, WA. Most of the products you find on our site are assembled here. This allows us to custom build jump ropes for gyms, fitness centers and jump rope trainers. Get in touch if you’re interested in custom colors, branding or packaging for your ropes. We have developed jump ropes for hotel chains, gift box subscription clubs, retail fitness stores, online jump rope trainers and more.

We ship to most countries around the world, and we have partners and distributors throughout Europe and Canada. We have a dedicated team of people who pack and ship orders around the world Monday through Friday, every day of the year.

Have any questions we didn’t answer? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

~ The team at Elite SRS