Jump Rope Throw Down Submission


2023 Online Qualifier

This year, 16 athletes will compete across two separate divisions (Female and Open divisions) for a cash prize. 4 spots in each division will be filled through the Online Qualifier taking place January to April.

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When To Submit

THE SOONER YOU SUBMIT, THE BETTER YOUR SHOT! - Submit your public YouTube link to the pool via THIS LINK. Every month, our judges will select the top submission from each division and the submitter will be awarded a spot at the 2023 Jump Rope Throw Down. Your video will stay and be considered for every month after it is submitted, but you ARE allowed to submit a new and updated video each month! This means that if you submit in January, you will have 4 chances to be picked + less competition! 

  • SUBMISSION WINDOW 3 Mar 1 - Mar 31
  • SUBMISSION WINDOW 4 Apr 1 - Apr 30 
Winners of each submission will be announced 3 days after each window closes


Current Submissions

Open Division Entries

Seth Ingram - January Winner

 Alex Costa - February Winner

Ajani Robinson

Roger Palmenberg

Brian Sherman

Cameron Simmons


Ashok Rajpurohit

Women's Division Entries


Madeleine Garrison - January Winner

Jenna Meek - February Winner


Ella Budge

McKenzie Christensen

Alix Beattie

Submission Rules + Guidelines:

  • Length: The video should be no longer than 90 seconds (if longer, nothing past 90 seconds will be considered)
  • Jumper must be over the age of 14
  • The focus should be on the jumper
  • Only one person (the jumper) should be visible and performing
  • The face of the participant has to be visible throughout the video (at least once in every scene)
  • No crash pads allowed (mats under 1 inch are acceptable)
  • Show the landings; all landings must be visible
  • Video must be hosted as a PUBLIC youtube video titled “YOUR NAME Elite SRS Jump Rope Throwdown Submission”

How Will the Submissions Be Judged?

A team of esteemed jump rope athletes will judge each video in the pool at the closing of every period.

  • Creativity: Use your body and your rope as creatively as you can
  • Difficulty: Make moves that stand out + make the judges jaw drop
  • Flow: Combine your moves, try out cool combos instead of just showing off separate tricks
  • Execution: The steeze factor. Show the judges that you have total control of your moves. Make sure that you show them your safe and clean landings - this is crucially important to the judges
  • The Jump Rope Usage - This is a JUMP ROPE COMPETITION! This category scores you on how well you incorporated the rope in your movements. (i.e. actually using the rope/ turning it around you/ doing releases NOT just power moves holding a rope)