Jump Rope Throwdown Submission

The ONLINE QUALIFIER HAS ENDED and winners will be announced the week of August 8th. 

You can still qualify to compete for $3,000 via the on-site qualifier Saturday, September 10th, in Leavenworth, WA, USA.

Review the Rules

Online Qualifier Rules - ENDED

The Elite SRS JRW Throwdown Online Qualifier will begin June 1st, 2022 and will close for judging July 31st, 2022. After July 31st, no more submissions will be accepted or reviewed. Create a video with a maximum of 90 seconds that highlights your best jumping outdoors (not in a gym or controlled environment).  Upload your submission to YouTube and submit it here to be reviewed. 

  • Length: Video should be no longer than 90 seconds (if the video is longer, only the first 90 seconds of content will be taken into consideration).
  • The focus should be on the jumper.
  • Only one person (the jumper) should be visible and performing.
  • The face of the participant has to be visible throughout the video (at least once in every scene).
  • All scenes in the video have to be filmed outdoors, not in a gym facility or any other controlled environment.
  • No crash pads allowed (mats under 1 inch are acceptable).
  • Show the landings. All your landings must be visible.


  • Creativity: Use your body and your rope as creatively as you can.
  • Difficulty: Make moves that stand out and make the judges' jaws drop.
  • Flow: Combine your moves, try out cool combos instead of just showing off separate tricks.
  • Execution: Show the judges that you have total control of your moves. Make sure you show them your safe and clean landings – that's crucially important for the judges.
  • Overall “Jump Rope” Score: This is a jump rope competition! This category scores you on how well you incorporated the rope in your movements (i.e. actually turning the rope around you/doing releases during power tricks vs. not utilizing the rope).