Adjustable Screw for Cable Jump Ropes

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Adjustable screws make adjusting the size of your cable speed ropes a breeze. Buy extras for tournaments and practices. Sold individually, not in pairs.

Use the guide below for purchasing the correct screw for the correct cable.

  • Thumb Screw - can be tightened down with your fingers or a Phillips head screwdriver. Recommended for White Freestyle Cable and Black Outdoor Cables.
  • Black - High quality screw with a lower profile head. Works for Mach Series 3/32" or  bare cables
  • Hex Key Adjustable - Allows the handles to spin with greater ease. No screw to get in the way. Recommended for applications where low screw profile is necessary. Can size for Mach Series: 3/32"  bare / freestyle cables.

PLEASE NOTE: Actual color and construction may vary, but the indicated sizes will fit your cable correctly.

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    Adjustable Screw for Cable Jump Ropes

    Adjustable Screw for Cable Jump Ropes

    $ 0.75

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