Cordless Jump Rope
Cordless Jump Rope
Cordless Jump Rope
Cordless Jump Rope
Cordless Jump Rope
Cordless Jump Rope

Cordless Jump Rope

Practice Your Skill

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A cordless jump rope system used to increase coordination, skipping speed and arm endurance. A cordless jump rope is perfect for practicing.

Useful for:

  • Practicing double under & speed jumping rhythm and coordination
  • Improving arm endurance for competitive jumpers (most coaches know that it isn't the legs that wear out; it's the arms).
  • Improving coordination between arms. Many jumpers have a difficult time using both hands equally, which causes the rope to turn too close to their feet. The result is misses! Speed training with this system helps increase coordination and strength in the "weaker" hand. The result ... less misses and faster scores.

For "no jumping" workouts:  The Jump Rope Trainer is also a great tool for those who are unable to jump well. The balls will turn with little or no jumping. Use for a fun workout.

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Pro Tip

Know your options

Handles are important, but using the correct type of cord makes all off the difference when jumping rope. This guide will help you pick the correct cord for different types of jumping and skill levels.

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Interested in custom jump ropes for your gym or team? We offer custom engraving and bulk discounts on larger orders.