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Do Hard Things™ Jump Rope - 1" Beaded

Do Hard Things™ Jump Rope - 1" Beaded

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At 3oz, this jump rope is our recommended jump rope for men and women getting started using a jump rope for fitness. The beads slow the rope down and provide a nice "click click" when they hit the ground for developing a rhythm, while the rope is light enough that it won't burn out your arms while you're learning.

It's also great for quickly throwing in your gym bag because it doesn't kink.

This rope is also available as part of our jump rope progression bundle.

Sizing: Easily adjust the length of this segmented jump rope. The 10ft length will fit jumpers up to 6' 4" tall. Shorten/resize the jump rope as needed by loosening the washer/tie on one end the handle, removing beads and cutting the excess cord.


    - Length - 10ft
    - Circa 100g in weight (or 3 - 3.5oz) dependent on the length it is shortened to.
    - Easy resizing by removing beads as needed.
    - Unbreakable plastic handles (low-density, plastic polymer)
    - High quality shatter proof plastic beads.

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    Our products are guaranteed with a 1-year money-back warranty. Within the 1 year warranty we will refund, repair and/or replace parts or products that are defective in materials or workmanship. We pay the shipping.


    Freestyle & Tricks

    This jump rope is also popular for learning freestyle tricks. The beads provide just the right weight for "feeling" the rhythm, which allows you to learn advanced skills more quickly.

    Don't Sweat It

    Optionally choose the long 8" handles with grip tape for a better grip when you're working hard and sweating.

    Made to Last

    Unbreakable light weight plastic handles and shatterproof beads backed by a 1 year warranty.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Cheaply Made

    Cheaply made not a quality product beads are light and not efficient for fitness. Would probably better sooted for child play. Retuned item.

    Hi Cali, sorry to hear your opinion on this. We actually use very high quality materials for these ropes, and we guarantee them for at least a year. Handles and beads are made of unbreakable plastic. Would love to hear your feedback on this rope after using it for a few months!


    Very durable and easy to adjust sizing

    Good for fun/Not the best for fitness

    This jump rope would work fine for fun jump roping. However, I purchased this expecting a rope with a more substantial build quality, ability to control the speed of rotation, and ability to manipulate the rope for crossovers, single arm rotations, and other movement drills.

    Issues are:
    1) Too lightweight - Rope has a significant amount of lag and drift during rotation. It has what I'd call a "lazy" rotation.
    2) Beads are thin - Beads aren't very substantial. After only five 1 minutes intervals on smooth concrete, the beads showed a worrisome degree of wear.

    This could be the rope for you if you are just looking for a rope to use for fun.

    @KPlzencia, thanks for your review. We'd love for you to keep using the rope and see if the durability of the beads holds up. We have tested and used these beads extensively and we offer a 1 year guarantee on the durability. They will show nicks from concrete, but they won't wear out! Also, this rope is one of the most popular jump ropes we sell to competitive freestyle athletes who are doing crossovers, single arm rotations and releases at speed. We know it works well for all those movements.

    Great rope

    Would definitely buy again

    too long

    Very cool, just too long, you have to cut it

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    Do Hard Things™ Series

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    Do Hard Things™ Series Series

    Special edition jump ropes to equip and encourage you to do hard things.
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