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Do Hard Things™ Fitness Training Set

Do Hard Things™ Fitness Training Set

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Develop your fitness and jump rope skill with this training set, which includes three different cord weights for increasing the difficulty and intensity of your workouts. 

  • 4mm Cord (White): This thinner, lighter cord is great for freestyle movements and double unders. If you are a beginner we recommend starting with the 5mm cord and working up to the 4mm when you have your timing down.
  • 5mm Cord (Black): This is the standard recommended thickness for starting your training. Great for developing a rhythm. Best for cardio and fitness workouts.
  • 6mm Cord (Turquoise): This thicker, heavier cord creates more resistance for a more robust workout.


      - Unbreakable low-density plastic polymer handles
      - PVC rope with string core: Won't kink when hung on racks or hangers. Durable for jumping on rough surfaces. Won't snap in cold temperatures.
      - Circa 140g in weight (or 4.5 - 5oz) dependent on the length it is shortened to.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 27 reviews
      Great ropes

      I gave these jump ropes to my husband as a gift and he absolutely loved them. He enjoys the different weights the three thicknesses offer and he definitely felt like they gave him a challenge. The plastic pieces that change the length of the jump rope were a little annoying to figure out, but once we figured them out, it was easy to modify the lengths (plus you only have to do it once). My husband gave bonus stars to the grip tape on the handles.

      Lauren Karpisz

      Finally a jump rope with easily adjustable height! I can never find one that’s the right size, or have to get multiple for clients of different heights. This is exactly what I was looking for and needed!

      Great Jump Rope

      Jump rope isn’t my first go to when it comes to exercise. I’ve had many jumó ropes in the past, but I never used them all that often. Mainly being out of shape, but also the comfort of the jump rope. Either the handles were too big or the rope was too heavy/light.

      This rope is perfect for me. Changing out the ropes is super easy. After changing it out a few times I found the easiest way to change these is to grab the plastic stopper and push the rope up through. The harder way is using your finger nails or a knife to pry the clamp down. You don’t need to do that. Just push against the stopper and it just pops out.

      As for the comfort, feels really comfortable to use. I love that there are three different ropes that are different weights. 6mm is good for slower jumping, which is where I started at. Now using the 5mm in my routine. I tried the 4mm, but I’m not quite there yet to go for five minutes. the handles are also very comfortable.

      Over all, a great jump rope that I will be using a lot.

      William Gray (Thomasville, GA, US)

      Great jump rope...way better than the avg rope. Three different weighted ropes included. Easier to use and good quality.

      Works perfect. Good variety. Wish it came with a bag.

      I used to jump rope all the time. I tried to get back into it a few times at my gym but never liked their ropes. Now that I have this rope I'm jumping again. All the parts are high quality and should last a long time.

      It took me a minute to figure out how to adjust the snap locks. One you do it's very easy to adjust or switch out ropes. You just pinch the cup and pull the rope.

      My only gripe is that a case would have been nice. I often times find products on Amazon come with bags or cases that are unnecessary. For these though, it would be nice to keep all the different ropes together. A few extra snap locks would be a welcome addition as well.

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      Do Hard Things™ Series

      This product is from the:

      Do Hard Things™ Series Series

      Special edition jump ropes to equip and encourage you to do hard things.
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      Jump smarter with a mat

      We recommend using a jump rope mat to reduce impact on your joints and to extend the life of your jump rope, especially on hard outdoor surfaces.