Double Under Pro Kit

Speed Rope

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A complete kit includes everything you need for double under training and competition. Save vs buying each item individually. Experiment with different speed cable options. Convenient jump rope and cable storage. Includes:

  • Surge™ 3.0 Handles: Patented* Surge™ 3.0 handles.
  • Mach 3 Replacement Cable: 3/32" nylon coated black replacement cable (quick replacement when other training cable wears out).
  • Mach 1 Heavy Cable: 3.2mm black outdoor heavy cable for outdoor training (will last longer on abrasive surfaces). 
  • Mach 4 Bare Cable: 1/16" bare wire cable for use during competition. Fastest cable. (Includes plug inserts so the cable won't wear the handle.)
  • Mach 2 Cable: 1/8" PVC coated white freestyle cable (a "heavier" cable for freestyle movements or added resistance).
  • Cable Cutters: Light weight cable cutters for quickly trimming and resizing your cables.
  • Teko Bag: A handy bag for storing your jump rope, screws and extra cables.

*Patent Pending No. US 29/659,894

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