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Fit+ Jump Rope - Long Handle w/ Grip Tape

Fit+ Jump Rope - Long Handle w/ Grip Tape

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Awesome jumprope, better than any available for use at my gym and look fancy

Before we start it is important to note that this is a no-bearing PVC cord rope. If you are doing crossfit and will ONLY be doing double-unders with both feet get a metal wire rope. For pretty much everyone else this is the kind of rope you'll want. 90-degree angles, bearings (with some exceptions like the expensive patented Buddy Lee ones), and metal wire makes doing cross overs and tricks way harder, and not for the right reasons. You don't need bearings or wire to do double-unders, I can do them with this rope, but it is def easier with a dedicated metal wire rope with bearings. Know your goals before you buy.

I'm not a big jumprope trick person, but I do box and as a result find myself jumproping and doing jumprope tricks a lot. This rope is perfect for that. Mine came relatively kink-free (where I live it is very hot, this may be why) so I did not need to boil the cord. The handles are very light, and this is what you want if you are doing this for cardio. Weighted handles work your forearms and shoulders more, but they reduce the length of time you can jump making them worse for cardio. The long handles make it easier to cross over and do tricks with your hands staying by your hips. The grips are shaped smartly and the rubber grips make it look like a jump rope worth spending $13 on and do help grip a little but above all are just more comfortable to hold between your fingers than hard plastic. The palm bulge at the end feels very ergonomic, at least to my hands. The PVC cord seems tougher than others I've seen, but it definitely won't hold up for a long time outdoors or on concrete, so bring a rug or a cardboard box if you know you will be jumping on rough concrete so your cord will last, and try to jump mostly on soft or smooth surfaces like a basketball court or foam mats. I recommend NOT cutting the cord at first. Just make 1-3 knots on either side about 8-12 inches from the handle at first. If 2 weeks pass without you adding or removing one, then you can cut and adjust (you can never go longer if you cut, and knots are helpful at first). The adjustment system worked fine for me when I tested it, but I still like having knots most the time.

My only complaint is that I would have loved (and wold've been willing to pay 2-3 bucks more ) to get a version with 1 or 2 extra cords in another color, as I plan to keep this as my main rope since I like it so much and know that someday in the future I will have to separately order a new cord. Attached is a photo of the minor scratches on the cord after a week or two of heavy use every day (so it'll last a long time but not forever).

Also, and this has nothing to do with this rope in particular, always jump with shoes on and only jump 1-3 inches off the group or you will beat up your knees and get shin splints, plus you can go longer this way. Just like anything there is right and wrong form and wrong form hurts so watch a YouTube video or something on good form. I learned this the hard way on my last rope.

Gabri Ayrto
Good item

fast shipping. I recommend

To light to spin.

no good. To light to spin.

@ G. yes this is a 'light' rope. It's a 4mm PVC. It is better for freestyle and fast movements. If you want something heavier for fitness we recommend the Boxer 3.0 with the 5mm PVC or the Fitness Training Set which also has the 6mm PVC.

Cool jump rope for all skill levels

I did Jump Rope professionally for many years and I had really good ropes! This one is doing the job just as good ! Good quality, nice and light !

Dan (Cary, NC, US)

I was really excited to try out this rope as it was highly recommended. Unfortunately, after less than 2 weeks the pvc cord snapped near the handle. There's a rough edge in the hole where the cable slides through and it cut into the rope. It was great until it failed but be aware this could happen. Maybe I should have considered the freestyle cable version. Not worth the cost or time to send it back. I liked it otherwise. Kind of bummed.

Hi Dan,
I am so sorry this was your experience with our fit+ rope. That is not normal for our products. I would love to make this right and send you our cable freestyle rope. I hope that you will experience the great quality of our ropes. Thanks for letting us know about your experience.

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4mm PVC rope with long 8" handles and grip tape.

Popular in gyms as a training jump rope:

  • Easy to resize or replace cord with snap-locks
  • Long 8" handles make freestyle movements like crosses easier for a fun, engaging workout.
  • Fits easily into wall mounted jump rope rack (optional add on)
  • String reinforced PVC cord is durable for indoor or outdoor jumping.
  • 4mm PVC is thin enough to enable speed movements like double unders
  • Unbreakable plastic handles with low profile grip tape.

Handle:  8" long / 1oz weight (each handle) / .9" diameter at end / low profile grip tape

Adjustable Sizing: Comes with a 10 foot cord. Will fit anybody up to 6' 3" tall. 

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