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Muay Thai 2.0 - Heavy PVC Jump Rope

Muay Thai 2.0 - Heavy PVC Jump Rope

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Michael Krason

Muay Thai 2.0 - Heavy PVC Jump Rope


Loved the rope feel real good the grips arnt to bad either thinking about buying a spare for sure be using them on all terrain

Andrew Martin Simmons (Alameda, CA, US)
Kind of the perfect weight

I start with this one for five minutes and it lights up my hands, arms, and shoulders. Kind of perfect. Finish with another five or ten of the boxer jump rope.

Excellent jump rope

This jump rope changed my life. I have incorporated it into my workouts that are intense but are only 15 minutes long. I am 58 so I try not to over do it. I do the one of the workouts below 3 to 5 times a week.

Workout 1 (3 sets)

150 jump ropes
20 push ups
20 weighted squats
30 sit ups

Work out 2 (3 sets)

150 jump ropes
15 military press with dumbbells
20 weighted lunges
25 kettlebell swings

Workout 3 (3 sets)

150 jump ropes
20 curls
20 dead lifts
30 sit ups.

I highly recommend this jump rope.
After almost 3 years it broke in half. Probably from using it on concrete but hey 3 years is pretty good.

Israel Trejo (Schiller Park, IL, US)

I really like the intensity this rope gives my warm up!

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A heavy 1.5lb jump rope featuring a thick 12mm PVC cord that creates both weight and wind resistance. Popular with martial arts training for developing muscle endurance. Recommended for intermediate to advanced jumpers who want to challenge themselves.

Rope Usage: This style of heavy jump rope is used by Muay Thai fighters to build grip strength and muscle endurance for grappling. Designed to engage the core, back, shoulder and arms that don't normally get a workout. You need an even distribution of weight throughout your heavy jump rope to get the cardio and muscular benefits weighted jump ropes provide. 

Weight varies by rope length:

  • 8ft - 1.3lbs (heights under 5'8")
  • 9ft - 1.5lbs heights 5'9" to 6'1")
  • 10ft - 1.7lbs (heights 6'2" and over)

    What's Included with Product

    - 12mm diameter hollow core PVC rope
    - 4.75" long dual-ball bearing handles (rope is secured in handle with a metal bolt).
    - Dual ball bearings in handles improve spin and eliminate PVC wear at handle.

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    Engage More Muscle

    The Muay Thai 2.0 will engage the core, back, shoulder and arms that don't normally get a workout with jump rope.

    Heavy Double Unders

    The dual ball bearing spin makes this a fast, heavy rope and popular for training heavy double unders in CrossFit.

    Smooth Spin

    Most weighted jump ropes are clunky and difficult to spin. The Muay Thai 2.0's dual ball bearing design makes for a fast smooth spin.

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    Jump smarter with a mat

    We recommend using a jump rope mat to reduce impact on your joints and to extend the life of your jump rope, especially on hard outdoor surfaces.