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The 90's Collection - 1" Beaded Ropes

The 90's Collection - 1" Beaded Ropes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
great to improve skills

short light handle and hard beads allows good control and better understanding of rope rontaion. very good design price is a bit expensive for me cause of the shpping plus import tax...

Reminds me of jumping rope in the 80s! So fun!

This is a fantastic jump rope. I was looking one that reminded me of when I was a kid jumping rope in the 80s, but I could still use as an adult. This jump rope is it!

I had to adjust the length, because they are made long for taller users, but it was super easy to shorten it. This jump rope has a perfect weight; not too light, not too heavy. And I love the colors.

Jump roping is one of the best ways to lose weight/get healthier. As a former fitness trainer, I love this jump rope.

Good stuff

On time arrived in good shape

Awesome beaded rope!

This is my first jump rope, and I debated a long time about ordering this (and about this vs the black and/or black and white ones). The rope is great. The beads feel good. The colors are bright and fun. Adjusting the rope is easy, as described. I haven't jumped outside yet, so I can't attest to how quickly the beads will scuff/damage on concrete, but that's going to be an issue with any of them (without a mat). Awesome rope, and if I manage to get the hang of this, I'll certainly be looking at the heavier rope next.

Vik Kudesia
Keep up the great work!

How I discovered your products:
I was aware of your elite srs speedropes just from doing CrossFit and from talking to folks.
I saw your company come up on a USA made products list and that sealed the deal for me.
Why I chose the ropes I did:
1. I wanted to get my partner into jumping rope and the fun 90s colors help. It’s also nice that they look good hanging on the wall. Makes them easily accessible and a visible reminder to get going
2. For myself, I needed a few ropes that wouldn’t kink up in my bag in the way to the gym or the office.
3. I also wanted to up the cardio with the Muay Thai rope and have never been so humbled by a piece of pvc. Good gosh.
4. I already had some srs handles so I wanted to try out some different cables for it.
My community:
Also related to me purchasing decisions - I left a few 90s ropes at my office and people are just using them. I think they see the rubber ducky handles and can’t resist.
I want to leave some out by the park near my house. So I was trying to test out what would happen if these ropes were left more or less exposed to the elements. Lots of people go out to this park as there is a football field, baseball fields, tennis and basketball courts and a walking track. I left a couple beaded ropes out there and it’s fun seeing people using them to warm up
I think one was stolen almost immediately but hey that’s living in the city
Any thoughts on what ropes might be okay to leave outside for a bit are welcome. I figure anything with a bearing in it will fail faster.
Thanks for reaching out and thanks for all the great work y’all do!

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Jump into the 90’s with our limited edition jump rope collection. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic about what once was, or wishing that the return of the 90’s would last forever, this collection will surely inspire you to unlock new tricks while gettin' jiggy with it.”

At 3oz, this is the standard spec rope used for feedback when drilling new jump rope skills and strict form. It will not kink and keeps its shape for executing tricks. 

Sizing: Easily adjust the length of this segmented jump rope. The 10' length will fit jumpers up to 6'4" tall. Shorten/resize the jump rope as needed by loosening the washer/tie on one end the handle, removing beads and cutting the excess cord.


    - Length - 10ft
    - Circa 100g in weight (or 3-3.5oz) dependent on the length it is shortened to.
    - Easy resizing by removing beads as needed.
    - Unbreakable plastic 5" handles (low-density, plastic polymer)
    - High quality shatter proof plastic beads.

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    Jump smarter with a mat

    We recommend using a jump rope mat to reduce impact on your joints and to extend the life of your jump rope, especially on hard outdoor surfaces.