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Overcomer™ Rope - 6mm PVC

Overcomer™ Rope - 6mm PVC

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This ultra durable fitness rope features a thick 6mm PVC cord with an inner string cord that can be used both indoors on smooth surfaces and outside on rough ones. 

The 6mm cord is thicker than most similar ropes, adding resistance to workouts for a serious arm and cardio burn. 

Sizing: Cord comes in a 10 foot length. Will fit anybody up to 6' 4" tall. Cut off the extra cord after adjusting the cord with the adjustable snap/lock system. 


    -Easy resizing system with snap-lock cord ends. Quickly resize to height of different users.
    - Unbreakable low-density plastic polymer handles
    - 6mm PVC with string core: Won't kink when hung on racks or hangers. Durable for jumping on rough surfaces. Won't snap in cold temperatures.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Very Well Made!

    This jump rope is very well made and ergonomical. It fits nicely in my hands and doesn’t get wrapped around my wrist. It makes working out very fun and reminds me of being a kid in elementary school but with a much better rope!

    Rich D.
    Good jump rope, even if you are 7 feet tall!

    This jump rope definitely needs some adjusting when you get it. I am 6'4" and it is way too long. It is adjustable by following the instructions, but then you end up with a bunch of extra jump rope cable hanging out of the handles, which isn't the most attractive thing.

    But it does work well, is well made, and is a good jump rope. As with all exercise equipment, if you stick with it, it will get you in shape for sure.

    Jeffrey Hoy (Winter Springs, FL, US)
    My favorite jump rope!

    This is my favorite jump rope. Super smooth. Easy to adjust. Perfect amount of weight in this rope for me to feel a little burn if I want.

    Good weight

    This is a good jump rope, with good weight to it for a smooth workout. Took me a few tries to figure out how to adjust the length, but once I did that it’s easy enough to do. I kinda don’t like that the handles slide down from the ends, but it only does it when at rest, not while using it. I like this much better than the rope one I used to have.

    Hadar Pedhazur
    Nice PVC jump rope with comfortable handles

    Unfortunately, I'm not a good person to judge jump ropes, because I've never jumped rope in my life.

    But, I've always believed it to be a very good exercise and wanted to get into it.

    I'm now retired, and have the time to finally give it a real shot.

    I'm 5'11" and the length of the rope is perfect for me. The handles are very comfortable to hold and the rope swings smoothly. I'm able to complete 1-2 loops so far (see, I said I'm a rank amateur), but they do have video tutorials and an ebook, so I'm hopeful that I'll persist and be able to add this to my overall exercise routine.

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    Overcomer™ Series

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    Overcomer™ Series Series

    For those who have suffered, persevered and come out with a greater character.
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    We recommend using a jump rope mat to reduce impact on your joints and to extend the life of your jump rope, especially on hard outdoor surfaces.