The REP Rope - Double Under Progression

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Quickly: The REP Rope bundle includes three cord types for double under progression and long 6.5" aluminum handles that improve your "feel" of the rope when you're getting started.

Who should use this rope? We recommend this rope to anyone just getting started with double unders. The handles are longer and heavier than our other speed ropes, giving beginners a better "feel" for what's happening with the cord. We've included cords at three separate thicknesses which help with a speed progression.

The long handles also make this our preferred "speed style" rope because it makes freestyle movements easier for anyone who wants to use their rope for more than just double unders.

Bundle Includes:

  • Standard Speed Cable (black): A 2.4mm nylon coated speed cable. 10ft long. Kink resistant. Made in the USA. Use for fastest speed. 
  • Heavy Cable: A thick 3.2mm nylon coated cable. 10ft long. Thicker nylon coating increases durability/longevity on outdoor surfaces and make the rope a little slower/heavier for practicing double unders.
  • PVC Cord - 4mm: A white 4mm string reinforced PVC cord. 10ft long. Includes 2 cord ends for easy resizing. Won't kink or stretch. Thicker and slower than the cable ropes. Useful for beginners practicing because the cord won't hurt your legs when you miss. Slower than the speed cables. Lasts longer on outdoor surfaces like concrete.
  • Drawstring storage bag for ropes and cords.

Note: We've included all the screws and cord ends you'll need to easily swap out and replace your cords with the handles.


  • Handles Dimensions: 6.5" long / 2oz (each) / 0.7" diameter
  • Ball bearings in the head of the handles allow for an ultra fast spin.
  • Materials: Made of high grade aluminum. Very durable.
  • Easy resizing and replacing cords with adjustable screws for speed cables and cord ends on 4mm cord.
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