Metal Crimps for Jump Rope Cables

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Use these soft steel crimps to secure Mach Series cables, including the bare wire and ultra thin cables. They prevent fraying at the ends of the cable. These crimps can also be used on the 3/32” cables as a permanent solution to keeping the adjustable screws from coming off.

The crimp will keep the cable ends from separating and becoming dangerous. We recommend putting the crimps over the end of the cable and mashing it down with pliers.

After you cut your jump rope to length, we highly recommend that you attach the included steel crimp to your cable. The bare cable or Ultra Thin cable may fray or start to unwind at the end. This may happen when cutting the cable with a dull cable cutter or just through daily use. If the end of the bare cable starts to comes undone, twist the cable back into place before putting the crimp on.
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